Global Warming and Emission Service in Snohomish

September 30, 2017  

emission service in Snohomish

Global warming is a hot topic today. It is believed that it is responsible for poor health, is a danger to national security and threatening other developmental human needs. Record elevated temperatures, severe flooding, droughts and rising seas are additional impacts to this world-wide predicament. One concern is the effect of our personal vehicles on the environment. This is why many states, although not all of them, have instituted laws regarding emissions testing. To ensure that your vehicle meets Washington standards, schedule your annual emission service in Snohomish.

Cars and trucks make up almost 1/5th of all emissions in the United States, discharging about 24 pounds of CO2 and other gases per one gallon of gasoline. The combination of all US transportation produces almost 30% of emissions that lead to global warming. One solution is to use less oil and eliminating needless emission from the oil we do use.

If everyone would initiate regular vehicle maintenance, Ford and BMW service and periodic emission testing, it would help to reduce the detrimental effects on our environment and the people and animals who call it home. Other initiatives include utilization of more fuel-efficient vehicles, development of cleaner fuels and electric cars and trucks.

For questions about annual testing and emission service in Snohomish or to schedule an appointment, call Carson Auto Repair at (425)905-2460. We can evaluate your vehicle and ensure that it meets or exceeds state standards for emissions and address any other mechanical issue that may be evident. Trust your vehicle to the professionals.